IV Nutriceuticals

The precise nutriceuticals – the exact amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids your body needs to repair damage and function optimally – are scientifically established through our advanced lab tests and then delivered directly to your cells via IV, resulting in immediate and radical improvement in health symptoms and optimal well-being.

The health benefits of Targeted Nutritional IV Therapy (Myer’s Cocktail) are exponentially enhanced and magnified when combined with further potent, cutting-edge, advanced therapies in a 3, 7 or 10-day healing protocol custom-designed around addressing your specific symptoms and achieving your unique health goals.

For example, at The BioSanctuary, your Targeted Nutritional IV Therapy (Myer’s Cocktail) is delivered within a custom-created protocol, including High Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy Drip, Intramuscular Vit B / Mag shots and Liposomal C & Glutathione, as well as a range of further high-impact healing therapies to enhance and magnify your healing experience, and to provide exceptional value for money.

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