FAMI Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting began as early as 1893 with free fat autograft used to fill soft tissue defects. Throughout the 20th Century, physicians used fat grafts to correct a variety of conditions including hemi facial atrophy and other soft tissue defects. It has been used in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery for the purpose of treating patients of all ages.

Facial Reconstruction & Repair

FAMI fat grafting is an advanced technique for facial reconstruction and reshaping using your own adult stem cells.
Dr. Roger Amar has been developing the FAMI technique (Fat Autograft Muscle Injection) since 1997, using his deep and refined knowledge of the facial anatomy. His intense dedication to the process has led him to further develop his technique to provide great precision and fantastic, natural facial rejuvenation and reconstruction results.

The FAMI technique is an innovative approach to restoring some of the underlying defects that are responsible for the appearance of aging. It rejuvenates the face by implanting the patient’s own adult mesenchymal stem cells; thus, restoring the facial structure to a more youthful state.

The FAMI technique is not a standard superficial fat-injection. FAMI focuses on the specific selection and grafting of autologous adult stem cells (mother cells), which exist in large amounts in the body’s own fatty tissue.

The ideal soft tissue augmentation material should be long lasting, natural and with a low risk of adverse reactions. Autologous adult stem cells do meet these requirements. Fat grafting is a procedure in which small portions of fatty tissue are carefully collected from an individual, purified and transplanted back to the same individual. The fat is harvested from the abdomen, thighs, hips or buttocks.

When is FAMI fat grafting recommended?

The FAMI technique is the right approach for patients seeking permanent enhancement of soft tissue volume, facial rejuvenation, fat grafting, facial lift or when the patient has the need to repair or reconstruct and correct physical muscular defects of the face or body.

FAMI is the right surgery when the patient wants to achieve absolutely natural results. FAMI does not change your features or give you a mask-look – the results will show a much younger YOU of prior years. You will recover lost volume and shape. Your skin will be and look fresh and healthy once again.

Other FAMI fat grafting cases represent patients with malformations caused by accidents, or birth deformities, such as cleft lip.

The ideal material to use would obviously be something that is naturally-occurring and not rejected by the body or treated by the immune system as a foreign material. Whether the goal is to restore shape to an area such as the lips or the cheeks, or to fill in a crease or depression such as a nasolabial fold or marionette line, or to repair and reconstruct a damaged area, the ideal material is quite clearly the material that one has naturally in the first place: YOUR OWN ADIPOSE STEM CELLS.

The FAMI Fat Grafting Technique

FAMI is a unique alternative to traditional surgery and different from the usual classical fat-injection FAMI – Fat Auto-Graft Muscle Injection counts today as one of the most advanced techniques of fat grafting with proving long-lasting results. It is based on an extremely profound and precise anatomical knowledge. Despite the complexity of the FAMI technique, the procedure appears simple for the patient. This non invasive surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis with mandatory local anaesthesia. The fatty tissue is carefully removed with gentle liposuction, then processed in a centrifuge to isolate autologous adult stem cells. They will finally be grafted, with specialy developped and patented canulas, to the muscles and bones surface of the chosent to-be-treated areas of the face, thus, correcting, repairing and restoring the shape an contour, leading to a facial lift without the need for incisions and sutures.

The focus is on the autologous adult stem cells of the patients own fatty tissue

The focus of the FAMI technique is not only superficial fat-injection into the various areas of the face in order to fill in lost volume, but to concentrate in the first place, on the specific collection and grafting of the adult stem cells (mother cells), which exist in large amounts in the body’s own fatty tissue. These adipose stem cells need to be preserved very carefully during the collection, centrifugation, preparation and final re-implantation into the patient’s facial muscles and bone surface. The transplanted adult stem cells will multiply and transform into the damaged muscle and bone tissue cells, rebuilding lost tissue caused by aging, and leading to restoration, repair and rejuvenation of the face, thus achieving a natural face-lift. The adult stem cells simultaneously slow down the aging process by providing new life to the muscles and bones treated.

This technique does not require incisions or sutures and is applicable to more and more patients. FAMI demonstrated that in the majority of cases the need for blepharoplasty and face-lift can be eliminated and unsatisfactory results of a face-lift corrected. Dr. Roger Amar uses this technique to treat bone surface, contour of the mimic muscles, orbital contour and mandible line.

To undergo a FAMI fat grafting treatment, a preoperative consultation and evaluation with Dr. Amar is essential. The areas to treat must be identified, and realistic expectations discussed. Photographic documentation is important in planning and follow up.

Natural Results

The contemporary approach to surgical rejuvenation of the face consists more and more of restoring facial volume and contour in an attempt to emulate natural youthful facial features.

By reconstructing the muscles and bone surfaces through an Autograft of own adult stem cells, FAMI™ recreates the harmonious proportions and eliminates the aged hard expression. The gaze is deeper, the forehead is broadened, the nose appears smaller and the cheekbones more prominent. The whole face regains its harmonious proportion and fresh and young appearance of prior years.

Recovery Time

FAMI™ does not require any incisions, eliminating risks of scarring and shortening the post-operative recovery time. The treated areas of the face or body with adipose adult stem cells will show no signs of rejection or allergies.
The patient will experience swelling/hematomas and occasionally bruising; however each patient is different. The edema can last up to 2 weeks. Most patients can perform routine duties after two or three days and public/professional duties after two weeks.

After Care

Depending on the FAMI fat grafting intervention and the patient, we will provide a detailed, personalized –After Care Protocol-.


Just after the bruising period comes to an end, the patient will start to notice a period of natural rejuvenation which will continue for up to six months. However, the rejuvenation and repairing process does not stop here. The transplanted adult stem cells need time to settle in to their new environment before they can begin to grow, reproduce and develop to help restore and repair muscle and bone tissue. This means, you keep looking even better and younger as time passes and the cellular grafts continue to take over their new site of location.

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